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Saturday, February 27, 2010

MIRL:Colton/snuckle buckets

with his buckets full of snuckle he searches the coast side for people to share it with

MIRP: David Van Etten/ Olympics

David Van Etten

The now famous Vancouver Quatchi, with the Winter Olympics behind him, settles down to some golf and sunshine at the Coeur d'Alene Resort. Shhhh ... he is about to take his shot.

See more from David at:

MIRP: John Roblin/ Ants of Babylon

John Roblin

Babylon, NY, late October 2008, dusk.
Apparently disturbed by an incessant car alarm (the black SUV nearer to the boats) this rare species of giant ant (Formica whitmora) came ashore on the Babylon, NY docks and crushed the offending SUV. It proceeded to raid a nearby 7-Eleven, looting it of it's entire stock of Slurpee syrup and then disappeared back into the water.

More of John's work at:

MIRP: Rikard Häll/ Coffee

Rikard Häll

I captured the picture in Istanbul of the Coffeemonster. He always has a cup of coffee with him.

Check out Rikard's blog:

Friday, February 26, 2010

MIRP:COLTON/Munchie the monster

this little guy likes to munch and he found his favorite CAKE! sorry about your cake emily you can always make another.

MIRP: Jane Davies/ Thirsty

Jane Davies

I captured this thirsty fella one snowy morning.

More of Jane's great work at,

MIRP: Whitney Tang/ Dom

Whitney Tang

This is Dom. I met him while I was taking a walk in the field behind my house.

Check out more of Whitney's work,

MIRP: Felipe Hernández Navarro/ Eduardo

Felipe Hernández Navarro

Eduardo, el dragón feliz (Edward, the happy dragon)

See more from Felipe,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

MIRP: Gabriel Duarte/ Everywhere (just look for it)

Gabriel Duarte

This photo was taken on my city's main theatre. It's got an outdoors arena, and this is its light post.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MIRP: Jose Carcavilla/ Friends

Jose Carcavilla


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MIRP: Matty Long/ King Frog

Matty Long

“King” Frog has supposedly ruled over the East Sussex countryside with an iron tongue since his status as a land-owner was recorded in the Doomsday Book of 1086. He imposed an instant fly tax upon his subjects, and to this day has never lost a siege. As for the crown, historians are baffled as to how he got it.

Matty has 1 post on his blog, and it's amazing! Check it out,

Monday, February 22, 2010

MIRP: Nathan Schroeder/ Eclipse

Nathan Schroeder

Shortly after a full eclipse, for a fraction of a second, a strange occurrence is observable that completely changes the scientific ideas of how eclipses take place.

Check out more of Nathan's work at:

MIRP: Aaron Amodt/ Vengence

Aaron Amodt

One Day He Will Have His Vengence

See more from Aaron @:


Janne Kukka

Check out Janne's video

Greetings from Finland,

MIRP: Felipe Hernández Navarro/ Six Hands

Felipe Hernández Navarro

La muerte en seis manos - y una sola pistola (Death in six hands - and a single gun)

MIRP: Todd Tibbetts/ Seattle

Todd Tibbetts

Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle.

See more from Todd at:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

MIRP: Georgia Lianne/ Olympics

Georgia Lianne

Quatchi looking over his beautiful hometown.

More of Georgia's work at:

MIRP: Jane Davies/ Runner

Jane Davies

I managed to snap this guy out of my window at work, he was running after the bus but I don't know if he caught it. Or fit in it for that matter!

More work from Jane at:

MIRP: Nik Holmes

Nik Holmes

Middlesbrough is my hometown in the Industrial north of England.

Friday, February 19, 2010

MIRP: Adam Excell/ Pigeon Patrol

Pigeon Patrol

This little monster is in charge of keeping the sidewalks clear of pesky pigeons... Don't worry, he's on our side.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

MIRP: Romney Caswell/ Family Photo

Romney Caswell

Another great contribution from Romney.

Check out his blog, where he is posting a sketch a day for a year.

MIRP: Lucy Barriball & Greg McLeod

Lucy Barriball/ Greg McLeod

'Cataract Napkins' A photographic series by Lucy Barriball and 'Brothermcleod' Greg McLeod -
#001 'Collecting'

See more of their work at:

MIRP: Eduardo Moric/ Mona Lisa

Eduardo Moric

Witnessing the Mona Lisa being painted.

Eduardo, 10 years old, Brazil

MIRP: Felipe Hernández Navarro/ TV

Felipe Hernández Navarro

La tele del cíclope (Cyclop's tv)

More of Felipe's work at:

MIRP: Laurent Clermont/ Heart

Laurent Clermont

A little heart creature is looking for any kind of love in an urban environment.

Check out Laurent's great video @

MIRP: Joseph Bergin III/ F is for Fighting

Joseph Bergin III

Title is 'F is for Fighting'
Photo: Byron Dauncey
Drawing: Joseph Bergin III

more of Joseph's work can be seen at:

MIRP: Jerehmie Cannon/ Herbert

Jerehmie Cannon

Herbert always wanted to be a sea monster. One day he went to the ocean to pretend, but the water freaked him out a little. So, he never went back.

More from Jerehmie at:

MIRP: Meg/One more robot learns to feel

This poor robot is experiencing human emotions for the first time. He doesn't quite know what to do with himself, and has wandered into a tulip field to contemplate life. Say something comforting for the little guy.

PS- If you follow the image link, it's wallpaper sized for your desktop should you want a sad robot to greet you every morning.

PPS- Please visit my blog to check out my work!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MIRP: Fernando Balão/ Watch Dogs

Fernando Balão

Fiona and Pandora look at a monster by the window

More of Fernando Balão's work:

MIRP: Hans Bolleurs/ Amsterdam

Hans Bolleurs

These monsters are doing a tour through old Amsterdam.

Check out more from Hans Bolleurs:

MIRP: Adam Wenger/ Massive Kenny

Adam Wenger

While on a trip in the mountains, Massive Kenny, the elusive eater of all things appeared just long enough to snap a photo...and eat a herd of elk.

More of Adam Wenger's work:

MIRP: Jeff Dehut/ Lovable Egg

Jeff Dehut

The Incredible, Lovable Egg.

More from Jeff Dehut:

MIRP: Jerehmie Cannon/ Concert

Jerehmie Cannon

Because, sometimes a monster wants to wiggle to music too :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MIRP: Mireia Perez/Blue Gem and the Monster

Mireia Perez

Gema y el Monstruo Azul

More from Mireia Perez at:

MIRP: Romney Caswell/Treehugger

Romney Caswell

A contribution from Romney Caswell of JibJab animation.

Check out his blog, where he is posting a sketch a day for a year.

MIRP: Michael Kline/Billboards ATTACK!

Michael Kline

He was just crawling out for a bite of pizza when I took this photo, but I love the juxtaposition of the him and the billboard next to him. Who should be more scared?

Michael Kline

MIRP: Jane Davies/ Fernie

Jane Davies

Well funnily enough I was on the hill in Fernie and took this snap as the guys were sitting on the day lodge watching the sunset over the mountain. I love Fernie, it's my favourite place in the world to ski!

Jane Davies

MIRP: André Schauer/ Hawaii

André Schauer

The Monsters used to be friends and made holidays in hawaii. But after the Jack Johnson Concert the little one owes the big one some money. The big one wants his money back so he runs after the little one, who is in stealth mode, but his eyes and mouth are blowin' his cover.

What beautiful holidays this could have been ...

André Schauer

MIRP: Lisa McDonnell/ Zombie Larva

Lisa McDonnell

It is a zombie larva, eeeeeeeeee, you gotta watch out for these!

Lisa McDonnell

Monday, February 15, 2010

MIRP Olympics: Jose Urbina

Jose Urbina

I took this picture of my girlfriend at an amusement park where Miga does not like the idea of going to the best attraction.

See more of Jose's work at:

MIRP Olympics: Jason Chapman

Jason Chapman

Driving through Devon, UK - I saw this and managed to grab a quick photo.

Jason Chapman

MIRP: Adam Witton/Bears

Adam Witton

Random submission from Adam Witton.

More at

MIRP: El Trapo/Hairball

El Trapo

This monster's name is bola de pelos (hairball).


MIRP: Guillermo Caiati/Guau!

Guillermo Caiati

Watch out, it's Guau!

Guillermo Caiati

MIRP: Gregory Gunther/ Yellow Flowers

Gregory Gunther

The last thing any expected in Florance was an eighty-foot tall baby bigfoot handing out yellow flowers...but here's the proof!

Submitted by Gregory Gunther

MIRP: Joe & Seb/ Rumpus

Joe Wood

We saw this chap auditioning for a role in Cloverfield in 2006. He didn't make it because his grin was a bit too cheeky

Here's some mobile phone footage of the event too:

See more from Joe & Seb at:

MIRP: Beth Hughes/ Keelo

Beth Hughes

Keelo decided to take a stroll across some beautiful farm land whilst deciding what malifecent deed to do next. Maybe some cow tipping, but then that isn't that fun when the cow is the size of your foot.

Art and Photo by Beth BH

MIRP: Steven Topley/ Forest

Steven Topley

See more from Steven here:

MIRP: Birgit Jansen/ Amsterdam

Birgit Jansen

I send you a monster I spotted in Amsterdam.

See more from Birgit here:

MIRP: David Bramham

David Bramham

David Bramham
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