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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mickken/One More Friend!

Mickken/One More Friend!

Well my friends, this is something strange here... But for me it's just a great friend who helps lost classmates!

See more at Mickken's Flickr.

Monday, September 27, 2010

iPhone Splash Page Reminder

Just a friendly reminder to those looking to participate in our latest contest, the deadline is quickly approaching! Get those submissions in before October 2nd and you could be the big winner!

Leah-Ellen Heming/Shanghai Aquarium Monster

Leah-Ellen Heming/Shanghai Aquarium Monster

I think this monster really did think he was a fish!

Places I would suggest looking if one were searching for Leah:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Saint Markus/Love Monsters

Saint Markus/Love Monsters

I was crossing the train tracks when I saw these two monsters.

Saint Markus

Victor Ferreira/Railroad & Ucimont

Victor Ferreira/Railroad

Victor Ferreira/Ucimont

We're loving the submissions, Victor - don't stop!

Rick Stevens/Aliens in the Ruins

Rick Stevens/Aliens in the Ruins

Ran across this shy family of extraterrestrials while spelunking the ruins of Detroit.

We love Rick the Dentist.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Victor Ferreira/Morning Breeze

Victor Ferreira/Morning Breeze

Victor's website can be found at:

Jane Davies/Bunny Hiker

Jane Davies/Bunny Hiker

There I was, driving through Arizona when this jumped out at me trying to hitch a lift!
Needless to say I scarpered quick as he scared the bejesus outta me.
Plus there was no way he would have fit in my car! He was as tall as a house!

More from the wonderful Jane at her blog.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wayne Thayer/Wedding Party

Wayne Thayer/Wedding Party

This creepy fellow was spotted one afternoon by Rachel Blondé while shooting the photographs for Katherine and Andrew's big day. It looks like they got along fine - nothing but smiles there!

Adam Excell/ Greetings from Killarney

Hi Friends,

It seems to have been a while since I have been involved with MIRP, but it flew by. This is a little post to let you know Wayne and I are still around, and are ready to have some fun.

This little guy can been seen on occasion in Killarney Provincial Park. Thanks to the high acidity in the parks lakes and endless quartz mountains, he manages to keep himself healthy. I managed to get a shot of him for an afternoon scramble at the end of August.


Stay tuned for lots of MIRP action..

In the meantime, feel free to check out my website:

Contest: iPhone Splash Page

We've decided to join the rest of the technological world and create an iPhone App for MIRP. And in true MIRP fashion we are hosting a contest to help celebrate it's release.

It's your turn to put on your creative thinking caps and create a splash page that will appear on our new app for everyone to see.

The contest will start on Saturday September 18th at 5pm and run until October 2nd at 5pm. The winner will be announced at 6pm on October 2nd, right here at

The rules are simple:

The splash page MUST include the Monsters in Real Places logo (download here).
The image must be 640x960.
All entries must be submitted to

The winner will be chosen by the creators of Monsters in Real Places and will be used on the FREE app for all of eternity.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Victor Ferreira/Fly Away


Check out Victor's website:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Alessandra Lemos/Coffee Shop Monster


Check out more of Alessandra's work!

Robert Frank/Bathroom Monster


Once when I left open the water from the shower, life arose in the bathroom.

Robert's blog:

Rainer/Fuzzy Forest


More from Rainer can be found here.

Rick Stevens/Motor City Monster


Seen from Windsor, this is the real reason for Detroit's blight.

Rick Stevens
Dentist by trade, artist at heart.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Marco Martins/Monster in Pigalle

Marco Martins/Monster in Pigalle

Pervy monster in Pigalle, Paris.

Check out Marco's cleverly named website:

Steve Poxson/Robot in the Mist

Steve Poxson/Robot in the Mist

Driving back from a winter holiday this guy came looming out of the mist, blocking the route in front of me.

Steve Poxson

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hidden Dingbat Collective/J.E.F.F.


Spotted this little fella on his way to catch a Broadway show.

The Hidden Dingbat Collective

Alexandre Paschoalini/Brontossauro


Alexandre saw a wicked Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus?).

Gabriel Silva/Brick Monster


Want to see more from Gabriel? Click here.

Ianah Maia/Kong & Mama



Kong & Mama by
Ianah Maia

Secil Cokan/HAIR.


Amazingly beautiful - yet creepy.

More from Secil:

Chris Edser & Bri Hammond/Cycling & City Monster


Illustration by Chris Edser, photograph by Bri Hammond
Twas' Monster Bill from Eagle Hawk


Monster visiting Adelaide, South Australia

Chris' website.

Merel Barends/Worm Monsters!



After I bought an "Eyes in the dark" t-shirt from a local designer, strange things started to happen. Curious, big-eyed creatures showed up & followed me everywhere I went, like I was the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Or in this case rather: the Eyed Piper of Amsterdam.

My friend took these particular snapshots of me & said monsters at Utrecht Station. (English) (Dutch)

Jennifer McMyler/Baseball Monster


I guess everyone loves baseball. Or maybe they are just getting hungry.

Jen's website:

Lester Escoto/Miami Dragon


Saw this guy on my way to work about a year ago.

Alice Carroll/Paisley Pruner


The paisley pruner is a tiny monster who helps tend unruly bonsai trees.

Alice can be found at:

Melissa Arandia/What's up, Dog?


Here's an anonymous green-tongued, blue monster I caught bothering my cousin's snoozy, fluffy, cute dog named Chasey.

Check out Melissa, we did.

Federica Rossetti/DINNER


Another terrific submission from Federica.

More here.

Federica Rossetti/Birdy


Brought to you by Federica, at

Jane Davies/Boaties


I was quite shocked taking this photo in London as no one was looking up at them! They all made a really quiet humming noise that I thought was rather quite comforting. Then before you knew it they were gone!
I miss them now.

You know you love Jane.

Frank Muńoz/Lifeguard


See more from Frank at

Mar Villar/Grbhlk & Ktdlrj

mar villar - two small monsters

Two small monsters walking along the Gran Via of Madrid.

More from Mar over at:
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