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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uriel A. Duran/Elmer Ceronterhino

-U! a.k.a. Uriel A. Duran

This is Elmer Ceronterhino, a lost kaiju (Japanese giant monster). As any good(?) kaiju, he's grumpy and will throw tantrums at everything. Yet deep inside he's a good guy and will protect humanity against aliens, mad scientists and other kaiju if necessary. He likes stomping cities, eating raw fish, and listening ABBA songs. The photo was taken on Mexico City.

-U!'s blog

Jane Davies/Rush Hour

Jane Davies
Rush hour traffic can be a real drag on the way to work.

See more of the wonderful Jane's work at the following: (personal) (work)

Marty Grubb/Cutest little guy

Marty Grubb
Here's a super-cute submission from Marty Grubb, Master of all things.

Mutagen/Red-eyed Monster

A red eyed Monster in Frankfurt, Germany.

More at: Mutagen.

Juan Díaz-Faes/Octopus Attack!

Juan Díaz-Faes
Octopuses attacked Oviedo City! Years of killing octopuses, now is the time of punishment!

Where can you find more, you ask? Try here and here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oliver Atton-Higgins/Sparky

Oliver Atton-Higgins/Sparky

Her name is Sparky. She crashed to Earth recently, and has taken shelter in a local castle. I don't understand why nobody else has noticed her yet.

Check out more from Oliver over at

Steve & Kris/Triniwine

Steve & Kris/Triniwine

Triniwine is a peaceful Splotch Monster who has a smaller, extra head for tasting and sampling the multitude of fruits and flowers growing throughout Trinidad.

This was a collaboration between husband and wife team, Steve and Kris Loya.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Banner Contest: Week 4

Our fourth (we missed the third due to exams, etc. sorry) banner contest has come to a close, and our new winner is: Raquel Felgueiras. Raquel hopes to complete some illustrations for us, and we are really looking forward to it! Thanks Raquel for the banner,

Check out Raquel's blog at:

The next contest will close on May 14th.
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