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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MIRP: Andrew/ Sea Monster

This Sea Monster was found in a man made harbor off the coast of Florida.
It is currently being trained by Disney who expect that it will become a traveling attraction with their cruise ship.
A 15 minute ride aboard her will cost you $375.
The fee is not expected to be a problem, the signature on the waiver of responsibility is expected to be a major obstacle to many.... sample clause..."Should the party of the first part get eaten, their dependents and heirs shall not be eligible for any compensation with the exception of the $375 fee, prorated by the amount of time actually spent on the ride."
What this means is that a person consumed after 10 minutes of the ride, would only be eligible for a $125 refund. Many feel that the entire fee should be refunded.

Thanks for the Monster Andrew!


  1. 'Cuz it's just scary

  2. andrew, the monster is amazing but what blows me away is that 'short' blurb you wrote.


  3. nailed it, he is one mean (ride-able) monster

  4. Cheap pro-rating jerks.

    I'd still ride the monster.


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